Fight Coronavirus. Go Virtual with Kaltura and AWS!

AWS and Kaltura launch a free offering to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, enabling educational institutions to go virtual.

AWS & Kaltura are Here to Support You

As leaders in cloud-based video solutions, Kaltura and AWS have teamed up to help educational institutions dealing with the impact of the Conronavirus enable their students and faculty to continue their educational programs remotely

Create a Remote Classroom Experience

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, Kaltura Virtual Classroom provides an easy-to-use experience purposely built for online instruction. With a click of a link, instructors and learners alike can engage one another as if they are in the same room, no installation needed!

Stay Connected from Anywhere

With Kaltura, teachers teach and students learn remotely from home. They experience much more than just a video call – with collaborative whiteboards, chat, file sharing, all from the comfort of their own device – on desktop or mobile.

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Get Up and Running Quickly with No Installation

Based on our experience working with hundreds of schools and universities worldwide, we developed a virtual classroom that is geared specifically for K-12 schools, universities and academic institutions. Start working with Kaltura Virtual Classroom for free  and see how easy it is to use – no installation required.

A Leader in Education

Kaltura’s video solutions are in use by more than 500 educational institutions worldwide, including 15 of the top 20 schools in the US. We would be happy to connect you with one of our education video experts to discuss how we can address your needs.

Enjoy the Most Full Featured Virtual Classroom

  • Click to Join for a Hassle-Free Remote Learning Experience

    • Browser-based (WebRTC) classroom

    • Screen sharing

    • Telephony

    • Active speaker focus

  • Virtual Classroom

    Interactive Features for Real-Time Collaboration

    • HD video playback

    • Collaborative digital whiteboards and hand raising

    • Breakout rooms for smaller group discussions

    • Collaborative notetaking that can be downloaded

    • Q&A, live quizzes, and polls

  • meeting icon

    Advanced Controls for Instructors

    • Persistent rooms

    • Customizable look and feel

    • Rich content playlists

    • ‘Mute all’ and granular permissions

    • Attendance and focus indicators

    • Session analytics and insights

  • Enrichment and Sharing Tools virtual class

    Enrichment and Distribution Tools for Lifetime Value

    • LTI supported viewing within your LMS

    • Seamless cloud recording

    • Captions, transcriptions, and translations for accessibility and discoverability

    • Intelligent VOD search with AI-based automatic captioning and advanced metadata

    • Interactive players, chapters, video quizzes, Q&A, polls, calls-to-action, forms, and more