Driving Gender Equality in Tech

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. Our core company values are openness, flexibility and collaboration. With our mission and values in mind,  we would like to make a statement. We would like to take a stand on gender equality. For far too long, gender inequality in the tech industry has taken a back seat. Today, we would like to move it to the front of our minds and our actions.

Best Practice Kit for Your Organization

In this kit you can find our equality framework and best practices to promote equality across any organization. This content is based on our own internal experience and extensive research. We are already deep into the process of applying many of these best practices to our workplace culture, with more to come.

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Gender inequality in the tech industry is challenging, but we no longer want to take a back seat in the drive toward equality.

We ask you to sign this petition and show your support for the many technology companies committed to raising awareness and making a change in the status of gender equality in the tech industry and beyond!

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Our Commitment

At Kaltura, we aren’t just about words. We are about actions. Read our mission statement to learn about what we intend to accomplish in the next 5 years.

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