32 fun virtual event ideas

Garima Khatri
Garima Khatri
Updated February 1 2023
Fun virtual events ideas
Garima Khatri
Garima Khatri
Updated February 1 2023

From virtual conferences to virtual fundraisers, virtual summits, and webinars, it seems that virtual events are popping up everywhere. Per Grand View Research, the virtual event market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 21.4% from 2022 to 2030. It’s time to get your event marketing on the rails if you haven’t already.


Good news, planning a fun and interactive virtual event has never been easier. It’s all a matter of marrying creativity with thoughtful planning and the best platform to do the job. To help you kickstart your creativity, here’s a list of 32 fun virtual event ideas.


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What Makes a Virtual Event Fun and interactive?

As Harvard Business Review puts it — moments of joy, meaningful connections, surprise, and delight are key.


As the host or planner, you need to ensure that your guests have a sublime, interactive experience. And, to really stand out, you may consider using cutting-edge tools, technologies, and fun virtual event ideas to ‘wow’ your guests.


Remember, participants are looking for the thrill that in-person events entail. You can keep things fresh by offering them a break from the keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions with something different and out-of-the-box.


So, to get your creative juices flowing, here is a list of 32 fun virtual event ideas.




List of 32 Fun Virtual Event Ideas

For employees

  • Virtual escape room — participants must race against time to complete puzzles and riddles, collect clues, roll up their sleeves, and try to think outside the box.


  • Virtual Game Night — try quizzes, trivia, and interactive games such as online karaoke, online scavenger hunt, online charades, and virtual board games.


  • Virtual Yoga and Meditation Session — team yoga, power yoga, and even a mindful session such as zen doodling or tai chi.


  • Virtual Wine Tasting — perfect for stakeholder engagement, this is a fun way to explore the flavor notes of different wines. Tea and beer testing are excellent alternatives.


  • Virtual Comedy Night — be it improv comedy, stand-up comedy, or live comedy podcast, nothing could beat laughter when it comes to breaking the ice.


  • Virtual Museum Tours — take your team on a tour of some of the world’s top-rated museums like the Louvre in Paris or the National Gallery in London.


  • Virtual Art Competition — give everyone something to do with their spare time by running a drawing, painting, or photography competition among the employees.


  • Virtual Cooking Classes — have all participants join a live cooking session with a renowned chef or share their own secret family recipes.


  • Virtual Debate — share an interesting topic and give employees the chance to shine as they battle it out in the most fun way.


  • Virtual Talent Show — let everyone show off their hidden talents like singing, dancing, playing instruments, or reciting a poem.


  • Virtual Karaoke Session — round it off with a virtual karaoke session to get everyone in the groove.


  • Virtual Movie Night — choose a movie of everyone’s choice and everyone can log in to watch it together.


  • Virtual Happy Hour — from virtual margarita making to a virtual whiskey tasting, get creative and add topics like “lockdown quiz” and “101 cocktail recipes” for this one.


  • Virtual BBQ — combine the comforts of a home BBQ with grilling tips from a Red Seal Chef and an interactive grilling game.


  • Virtual Charity Events — short of resources or time? Host a virtual charity auction or set up a virtual donation drive instead.



For students

  • Virtual Field Trip — set up a virtual field trip to let students explore the fascinating world of art, science, nature, and architecture.


  • Virtual Classroom Trivia — let the students battle it out by hosting a live quiz/trivia session.


  • Virtual AMA (ask me anything) — invite a guest speaker and let the students get to ask all the questions they want.


  • Virtual Book Discussion — discuss the different perspectives on a recommended book and the character’s motivations. Add a twist by asking everyone to dress up as a character or setting of the book.


  • Virtual Creative Writing Workshop — this one is perfect to bring out the writer in all students.


  • Virtual Magic Show — bring a touch of mystery with a real-time magic show from a reputed magician.


  • Virtual Career Fair — let the students explore multiple career paths, gain knowledge, and ask questions from employers.


  • Virtual Lip Sync Battle — let the students show off their lip-syncing skills with some super catchy tunes.


  • Virtual Dance Party — put together a virtual dance party with some popular songs and get everyone to groove.


  • Virtual Film Festival — let the students select movies to show and online film critics to review them.


  • Virtual Open Mic Night — let the students take the stage and share their poetry, prose, or story.


  • Virtual Movie Night — no matter the age, who doesn’t love a refreshing movie night out?



For People outside your organization

  • Virtual Hackathon — if you’re looking to connect with passionate problem-solvers outside your organization, look no further than a virtual hackathon.


  • Virtual Conference — use cutting-edge technologies to create an authentic, real-time feel with global speakers, interactive booths, and more.


  • Virtual Fundraiser — let your guests bid for exclusive items, activities, and experiences in your virtual fundraiser.


  • Virtual Networking Event — set up virtual networking roundtables and ensure that everyone is matched and suited to their interests and location.


  • Virtual Pub Quiz — host a virtual pub quiz with an array of general knowledge questions, music rounds, and fun activities.




Kaltura Virtual Events Platform

Now that you’ve got the ideas — it’s time to get the ball rolling.


Kaltura’s fully customizable, brandable, and scalable virtual events platform lets you create one-of-a-kind hyper-personalized experiences, starting from a preset template.


    • Set a few basic parameters — and Kaltura will automatically generate a branded registration page and event minisite. It’s that simple.
    • Leverage powerful interactive features like personalized agendas, in-session polls, attendee viewing and experience preferences, and multiple chat functionalities.
    • Bring your audience a first-class experience when and how they want it, with high-quality 4K adaptive streaming, and automatic cloud recording for VOD repurposing.
    • Live, pre-recorded, or on-demand, you choose.
    • No installation or compatibility issues — attendees can join from any device, using a magic link.
    • Get more out of Kaltura Virtual Events with integrations for marketing automation, site analytics, SSO, BI, and more.
    • Stay safe with Kaltura’s tight security and encryption measures.


What’s more? Kaltura’s virtual events platform comes with all the necessary marketing tools — and the use of data analytics to provide deep insights into the effectiveness of your event.


So, if you’re planning a one-of-a-kind virtual event for your employees, customers, partners, or students, Kaltura’s your go-to platform.




Final Thoughts

Virtual events are the new way of connecting people and developing relationships — You can create memorable experiences with Kaltura’s Virtual Events Platform. From one-time events to virtual conferences and fundraisers, Kaltura’s platform will help you make your event a rousing success. Book a demo or opt for a 14-day trial today.


Happy hosting!