REACH Captioning and Enrichment

Make Your Videos Searchable and Accessible

Add captions, transcriptions, and translations to your video to improve engagement, search, discoverability, and accessibility of your content. The Kaltura REACH video captioning and enrichment suite offers automatic machine generated transcription (ASR) as well as professional human captioning and translations. Captions are ordered and automatically delivered directly within the Kaltura interface in your video portal or LMS, and can be edited within the video for quick review and modification. Take the stress out of captioning and ensure your videos are fully accessible to all students and staff. With REACH, it’s now easy to manage and control your captions and other video enrichment services across Kaltura products.

One Centralized Dashboard

  • Customized and automated processes use ordering rules and flexible moderation flows and permissions.
  • Full transparency of credit and requests granting you all the control you need to track the process.
  • Usage and billing reports for informed decisions.

Compliance with Accessibility Regulations, Security, and Privacy Requirements

  • Accessibility regulations – Compliance with government and industry accessibility regulations such as ADA/508 standards.
  • Security and Privacy Requirements – Compliance with deletion policy requirements, as well as compliance with GDPR and Data Processing Agreement standard.

Easy Ordering and Editing Tools

  • Unified solution so you can easily order or edit captioning, transcripts or translations, whether created in Kaltura or not.
  • Integrated with all video workflows – available in all applications and players, automatically accessed by search.
  • Automatic transcript widget to search, edit and download transcripts.
  • Supporting dozens of languages for both automated speech recognition (ASR) and human-based captioning.

Kaltura REACH Benefits

  • Accessibility: Comply with government and industry accessibility regulations such as ADA/508 standards
  • Search and Discovery: Improve SEO, search rankings, and recommendations with searchable transcripts, Speaker ID, semantic keywords, and metadata across video library
  • Localization: Adapt for global audiences with captions and subtitles, handling multiple languages in the same video
  • Engagement: Increase views and completions, even in environments where audio access is a challenge

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

With ASR, an algorithm instantly recognizes the words spoken in your video and provides machine-based captions for indexing and search. Configure

your account to automatically transcribe all videos as they are uploaded for maximum searchability benefits.

  • 75-85% accuracy and a “Do-It-Yourself” Captions Editor for increased fidelity
  • Machine-based learning with improved accuracy over time and ability to adapt to accents, background noise, volume changes, and even individual voices
  • Can transcribe from 22 languages

Human Captioning and Translation

With human captioning, a professional transcribes your video manually, ensuring the accuracy necessary to meet accessibility regulations. Data is transferred via secure HTTPS connections, and access to content is limited to individuals under strict NDA. This service allows for accurate captioning and translation into dozens of languages.

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