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MediaSpace Go

Native mobile apps for your video platform

The Kaltura MediaSpace Go™ Mobile Apps for iOS and Android-based devices extend the features and workflows of our market-leading video portal to users on mobile devices. While on the go, users can easily watch, create, upload, edit, and publish video from their mobile devices in a state-of-the-art application combining native application experiences and MediaSpace rich media features.


Take Your Video Portal on the Go

MediaSpace Go includes the same wide-range of features that the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal has, as well as additional advanced features, designed especially for your users when they are on the go.

Download MediaSpace Go:

Features and Benefits

  • Offline playback – allows users to download videos for watching offline on-the-go, on their mobile device

  • Branding options – 2 options available: a branded app with customized branding and an optional App Store presence, or a customized generic app which allows you to customize part of the app, even without full branded app packaging

  • Single Sign-On – No additional login required

  • Unified Search –Delivers all matching results across media’s metadata, categories, channels, captions, and slides

  • Smart Banner – Manages the users’ experience between viewing content on mobile browser and the native application

  • Creation Tools – Capture video and upload directly from the device

  • “Inspiration” Workflows – Allows users to discover content based on their available time, in fun game-like experience

  • Podcasts – My Subscriptions feed and Push Notifications can keep users up-to-date while on-the-go

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