As You Look at Tegrity Alternatives, Know You’re in Good Hands

From a robust platform, to intuitive lecture capture, LMS integrations and captioning, we can offer you a special migration package and service to make the transition with ease.

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We are aware that your Tegrity solution will no longer be available past June 2020. We at Kaltura understand the anxiety associated with this and would like to offer a special migration package to you, keeping in mind this process should be as seamless and stress free as possible.

We help ensure your success by dedicating a Kaltura resource to the entire process – from initial conversation to full campus-wide implementation – and beyond. Your peace of mind is our top priority. We have an excellent 10 year+ track record in the U.S. Higher Education marketplace, and would like to bring this experience to your campus.

Capture Everywhere, Manage Once

From the smallest classes to the biggest lecture halls, with Kaltura lecture capture you can easily record every class, from any windows computer, and manage all your lecture recordings. In addition, educators and students can make their own videos with Kaltura Personal Video Capture tool, to upload single files or batches, and even link from YouTube.

Deep, Future-Proof Integrations

Kaltura LMS video plugins enable teachers, students, and administrators to easily record, upload, manage, edit, clip, transcode, publish, and deliver high-quality video content in a way that displays beautifully on any device, anywhere – all without leaving the LMS environment.


Advanced Video Captioning Suite

  • Easy ordering and editing tools with a unified solution including Automatic Transcript Widget to search, edit and download transcripts.
  • One centralized dashboard to manage and track caption credits and requests as well as receive reports on usage and billing.
  • ASR, professional human captioning with best of breed accuracy and service.
  • Compliance with accessibility regulations, security, and privacy requirements including government and industry accessibility regulations such as ADA/508 standards, Deletion policy, Data Processing Agreement standard and GDPR compliance.

Open and Flexible: You Own Your Data

No black boxes, no proprietary formats: Kaltura is an IMS Global contributing member and plays a leading role in shaping industry open standards such as Caliper, xAPI, LTI advantage and the Open Video Capture Standard – because the only one who should determine what you can do with your data is YOU. With a platform built on open APIs, Kaltura solution is quick to deploy, maintain and upgrade and offers the ultimate in customization and flexibility.

Recognized Global Industry Leader

Kaltura’s solutions are widely endorsed and trusted by over 1,200 customers across all major industries, including 15 of the top 20 US schools, and 25% of the fortune 500. Our leadership is backed by analysts, including Gartner, who positions Kaltura as strong leader,  based on our comprehensive vision and broad capabilities and innovations.

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