Video Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Secure your video content

Kaltura is the only platform that offers a full On-Premise Edition, as well as a variety of SaaS/On-Premise hybrid deployment options, enabling you to control every aspect of the solution’s security. Security and privacy are always a tradeoff between protection and flexibility; Kaltura’s flexible video security API allows you to choose the level of security that’s right for your organization, to a granular level.

Secure Video Delivery

Choose the video delivery and deployment option that makes the most sense for your organization, and enjoy rigorous video security at whatever level you choose.

Kaltura offers a number of features to ensure your content is protected both in storage and during delivery:

  • Encryption at rest
  • Stream encryption
  • Streaming under HTTPS
  • Session control and tokenized expiring CDN URLs

Access Control and Video Entitlements

With Kaltura’s access control, ensure content can be easily accessed by authorized users and protected from being accessed by anyone else. For video content within an organization, this can take advantage of single sign-on with the organization’s Active Directory. For media companies broadcasting content, this can include Hollywood-approved video rights management. Video security features include:

  • Session access control
  • Granular entitlement management
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Forensic watermarking

Administrators can control at a detailed level who may view, download, or edit content or playlists, based on user ID as coordinated with the Active Directory, domain, geo-location, IP, time limits, session limits, and more.

Operational Environment Security

Kaltura maintains a number of certifications to guarantee compliance with video security regulations.