Video Player

Adaptive, customizable video player for all your video needs

Video players are your first point of contact with your audience, so delivering the best possible experience is key. Our players are light-weight and fast, and delivery is seamless – no matter which device your viewers are using. Customize your player’s unique look and functionality in the Player Studio.

Customizable Video Players

Easily create cross browser/cross device players through the user-friendly player studio or by customizing using CSS files. The Player Studio allows you to change skins and sizes, add features like speed controls and sharing widgets, enable advanced accessibility features, add monetization options, and more.

Multi-Device Support

Provide a seamless viewer experience across all devices. Kaltura’s universal player technology automatically delivers the right player, stream, and advertising to any device: mobile, web, Google Chrome cast, Amazon Fire, and more.

Interactive Video Players

Make the viewing experience more engaging with an interactive player. Viewers can easily browse through chapters, search for keywords, and jump to specific areas in the video where the desired terms were presented. Let viewers choose their own views, switching at will between picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and single views with an easy to use toggle. They can answer quizzes, click calls-to-action, or even choose their own path. Viewers can even adjust their playback speed and quality.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile-ready video players automatically detect the device your viewer is using and display the video in HTML5 format. Adaptive bitrate delivery ensures the best quality playback possible, even under changing conditions.