Video Delivery and Streaming Platform

Guarantee flawless video streaming

Kaltura’s video streaming capabilities are designed around three concepts – quality, security, and flexibility. Provide excellent playback across devices and changing network conditions, while controlling the level of security and viewer access to content. Choose between a number of streaming and delivery options. Deliver video from the Kaltura SaaS environment or your own on-premises network; through eCDN, your choice of CDN, or a hybrid combination.

Our video delivery solutions guarantee a flawless viewing experience for your users – on any device, via any connection, worldwide.

Cross-Device Delivery

Stream to any type of device —mobile devices , laptops, even set-top boxes. With multiple flavor transcoding and adaptive bitrate delivery, guarantee the best results for your viewers, including HD streaming.

Live Streaming

Take advantage of cloud transcoding, DVR, ad-stitching, and real-time analytics delivered to any device. Extend event value with instant archiving. Scale from a few events to 24/7 live broadcasts. Easily, quickly create new live events, in less than five minutes from live-stream set up to broadcast. From company webcasts to real-time media events, provide the excitement of a live video stream. Ensure the quality of the stream with live stream monitoring.

CDN integrations and eCDN

Provide scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall with Kaltura eCDN. Alternatively, ensure seamless video delivery using Kaltura’s integrations with a wide range of industry leading CDNs.

Video Publishing

Give your users the best viewing experience possible. No matter where they are, or which device they’re using, Kaltura will deliver the highest-quality video, live or on-demand. Publish the live event to your Kaltura Video Portal, our pre-integrated applications, or your website. Control when the live stream and VOD are available to your audience.

Video Streaming Security

Access control rules determine exactly when and where your video content is published. Digital Rights Management (DRM) ensures content rights are protected.