The Power of Open Video

Democratizing video everywhere

Kaltura is committed to a core value of openness. We believe your data should be yours, not tied up in proprietary formats, and we won’t ever lock you in. That’s why we have embraced and championed industry-wide standards for openness.

Open Capture Standard

Kaltura initiated the Open Capture Standard, an industry-wide video capture standard under the aegis of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. This standard, now embraced by a number of companies across the industry, ensures that organizations can centrally manage all of their captured content, agnostic to what software or hardware was used to capture it. The open standard interface enables any central media management solution to ingest any captured content.

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The Experience API (xAPI) is another specification for learning technology that also standardizes the collection of data about online and offline experiences. Kaltura complies with and supports xAPI as a standard, to give our clients maximum flexibility in how they use their video analytics data.

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Caliper Analytics Learning Measurement Framework

The IMS Caliper Analytics Learning Management Framework provides a standard for measuring and storing metrics for federated content/learning activity elements. It allows educators to consume and analyze student data from a wide variety of platforms and systems, enabling deep analysis of learner engagement and performance in a reliable, standard, and future-proof way. Kaltura complies with and supports this standard, so our clients can easily combine video analytics with any other form of student data for a holistic view, free of any proprietary systems.

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Open Source Video

In addition to our commercial software and our Video Platform as a Service offering, Kaltura offers an open-source online video platform, the Kaltura Community Edition. Kaltura is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 150,000 community members.