Content Sharing, Syndication, and Distribution

Become a video sharing platform

Think more traffic, and a lot more viewers. Get more mileage out of your video content. Share content within the organization. Or go global: our powerful distribution services make it easy to reach your audience across the web —on destination sites, search engines, and set-top boxes.

Consumer-like Social Tools

Enable users to comment, rate, like, and share videos internally, publish on external social sites (where permitted), or sign up for email notifications or channel subscriptions.


Video SEO

Maximize your video marketing’s exposure on search engines with best-practice video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Leverage in-depth metadata to maintain a high ranking on the search engines. Create dynamic video site maps, and keep search engines updated with your content and metadata.

All-in-one Video Syndication and Distribution

Distribute your content across the web at the click of a button. Turn your Kaltura account into a single repository for all your video distribution needs with a single set of simple workflows and „connectors“ for distribution to destinations like YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, Roku, OperaTV, and others.