Coldwell Banker Case Study

At a Glance


New Jersey

About Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is the oldest national real estate brand in the United States and today has a network of nearly 90,000 sales associates and brokers working in approximately 3,300 offices in 50 countries and territories.

How is Coldwell Banker using video?

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has developed two learning portals, one for managers and one more sales associates, that incorporate social learning tools and leverage streaming video, powered by Kaltura. 

Overall, the new learning portals give Coldwell Banker’s franchise network an opportunity to leverage a balanced learning strategy. They can supplement structured opportunities (face-to-face training, synchronous Webex, asynchronous interactive self-paced) with videos, podcasts and social learning tools, so they further propel their business.    A collaborative environment gives managers and sales associates a repeatable, engaging, reinforced learning experience. Using Kaltura’s video platform, Coldwell Banker’s team can now leverage their collaborative learning environment wherever they are, and on any device.

Why Kaltura?

Easy integration with other systems in the Coldwell Banker University

  • Distribution - Coldwell Banker can reach 88,000 employees anywhere - on their cell phones, tablets, laptops, PCs
  • Engaging social features – users upload their own content, comment on videos and discuss videos online

What I can tell you, a year out of the gate, is that Coldwell Banker University is able to reach a much wider audience, much quicker, and we did that, really, at the flip of a switch.


Dave Rubenstein, Coldwell Banker