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a special quality or feature that will skyrocket your TV service

Join us for a one-of-a-kind event
Dive deeper into our customers' stories | live experience

Oct 15th @13:00 CET


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Tap into our exclusive event from the comfort of your own home and watch our experts showcase some of the most interesting Cloud TV cases in a very special way.

What is this event all about? It’s a secret.

What’s the big secret? Our customers’ secret sauce to success. Trust us, it’s worth it.

As you may know, we power Cloud TV services for the world’s leading Pay TV operators and media companies. This time, we’ll shift the focus to them, and unveil some of the best kept secrets about what makes their services successful. Join us for the ‘behind the scenes’ stories of our most prominent customers, take a closer look at their winning strategies, and learn what makes their services continuously skyrocket.

How do our customers define their secret to success? Watch and learn!

YLE, Finland's national public broadcasting company

What does Janne Ali-Ayho, CTO at YLE, consider the most important pillars for having a successful Cloud TV service? Watch what he has to say! 

What is Vodafone's secret sauce

Vodafone Logo

Join us to find out

ZEE5 is a video-on-demand service in India, part of a media conglomerate called ZEE.

Archana Ananad is here to share how ZEE5 was able to launch a service at a multi-national scale, operating in over 197 countries.

TDMas started as a sports cable channel, that evolved into a streaming app

Watch Ilan Goldenstain share how TDMas converted their cable-channel into a successful streaming app.

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