SAP: Using Kaltura REACH for Captions, Translations, and Search

About SAP

SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. With nearly a hundred thousand employees, they serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in more than 180 countries.

How does REACH help SAP as an international company?

SAP is using REACH to provide transcriptions for their video content for multiple purposes. They can offer their videos in multiple languages for staff around the world.

“The reality is some people do much better in their native language,” says Barbara Sokolow, Director Internal Experience, Web & Digital Services at SAP. “So the ability to use transcription services and translation services to offer the video in multiple languages is incredibly helpful.”

“We’re heavily using transcription services like REACH. And as part of that we’ve seen a couple of expected benefits, and some unanticipated.”
Barbara Sokolow, Director Internal Experience, Web & Digital Services at SAP

What other purposes do video captions fill?

Besides making translation easy, captions also dramatically increase the searchability of SAP’s video content. Captions allow SAP to apply machine learning to their database of available information.

Finally, having captions available increases accessibility of their content, so all employees are able to have a level playing field. About the impact of REACH for accessibility, Sokolow says, “I think that’s been huge.”