2018 Review – Product Release Highlights

Kaltura released an amazing number of updates and new products in 2018. So many, in fact, that we had trouble keeping track ourselves! Did you catch all the new things your Kaltura deployment can do?

Check out this highlight reel of some of the innovations available now to Kaltura customers.

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Here are some of the upgrades from 2018:

  • Kaltura Personal Capture replaced CaptureSpace for easier video and presentation capture than ever before. Get more details and learn how to switch
  • Kaltura Lecture Capture added ad-hoc authentication and more
  • We switched to the new Kaltura Editing Tools for easier and more intuitive trimming, clipping, chopping, and splicing. See how
  • Interactive Video Quizzes, now also part of the Kaltura Editing Tools, include new question types: yes/no, true/false, and reflection pauses as well as multiple choice
  • Search received a huge upgrade, including a more refined, powerful, unified search in multiple languages. Learn more for administrators and users
  • REACH 2.0 makes managing your captions and other video enrichment from one location easy
  • The new HTML-based Kaltura Management Console (KMC) offers a vastly improved interface for admins. Start using today with this link or review changes here
  • Engagement and quality of service metrics received an upgrade with the new Webcasting and eCDN dashboards. Plus, the Preview Live feature in Webcasting makes sure your stream is working before you start your broadcast
  • User management and entitlements include log ins through multiple identity providers. (See page 38 in the MediaSpace Setup Guide)
  • Video podcasting is now supported for both iOS and Android, making it possible for users to subscribe to video podcasts, and enjoy background playback and notifications

And here are some new products we launched:

  • New Product: Interactive Videos allow viewers to choose their own path, resulting in a video that changes based on their actions
  • New Product: Kaltura Pitch makes it easy to create customized video emails and landing pages, and track who watches the videos you send

Finally, we have some new resources for you: