Stride K12: Building Online Public Schools

About Stride K12

Stride is a global leader in online education and one of the largest K-12 school operators in the US, serving more than 200K students last year alone. With a personalized approach to education, students of all ages can customize their curriculum to fit individual needs and pace their progress however they decide.

How does Stride use Kaltura?

Stride now uses Kaltura’s Virtual Classroom for all of its face-to-face education programs, with a focus on engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences online. Kaltura media management tools make every session available on-demand so that students can review classes or watch supplemental course material. Finally, robust video analytics give teachers and administrators access to real-time reporting and long-term insights so they can assess progress towards learning outcomes.


With the Kaltura Video Cloud for Education, Stride saw a YoY increase in student engagement and learning outcomes.