Introducing Kaltura Personal Capture

How easy is it to use the new Kaltura Personal Capture to make your own videos and other rich media? It’s so easy our kids could do it.

Let's See What They Made...
Take a look at the actual presentations the kids recorded using Kaltura Personal Capture. Be sure to play with the interactive player to change your view between fullscreen, side-by-side, and picture-in-picture, and adjust the window sizes!

Gabriel, 3

Our youngest participant, Gabriel would like to build a tower for you. Or maybe not. He didn’t have a presentation, but he captured his screen anyway. This is a great opportunity to experiment with hiding a presentation when you’d rather focus on the speaker.

Alex, 5

Alex wants you to know about dinosaurs. All about dinosaurs. Presenting: Theme of Saurs.

Aya, 9

Aya is here to teach you all about how to make your own slime!

Try adjusting the picture-in-picture. You can drag the smaller image around the screen, change its size, and flip which picture is in which.

Yarden, 9

Yarden wants to talk to us about a very important topic: Global Warming.

Try using the side-by-side mode if you’d like to watch her and read her slides at the same time.

Noa, 10

Now for our tastiest presentation! Noa is here to teach you how to bake your own chocolate cake.

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