3 million paid subscribers in under a year: Watch Brazil’s growing success with Kaltura

Watch Brazil’s growing success with Kaltura

Learn how Watch Brazil gained 3 million subscribers in under a year

Watch Brazil’s exciting new streaming product, Watch, took the Brazilian market by a storm. In less than a year and even before it’s official launch, Watch gained over 3 million paid subscribers. Although the road to success was fast, the ride was anything but smooth.

Brazil is spread wide and far apart, with a population of over 214 million and many living in remote areas, yet Watch Brazil knew that it wanted to provide quality streaming content to all its people, no matter where they lived. But how can such a small company, that lacked the proper infrastructure and technical expertise take on such a big challenge?

Learn how Kaltura, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), powered Watch and helped it reach its succuss.

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