Will it be Possible to Close the Teacher/Student Digital Divide?

Kaltura’s VP of Education Justin Beck takes the time to explain why he believes it will not be possible to close the digital divide in the latest piece in Education Technology. His point boils down to the fact that digital technology is always advancing at such a rapid pace that there will never be a time for an educator to feel comfortable teaching something they themselves are still learning. Importantly, Justin states that this shouldn’t be viewed a negative but rather as an amazing opportunity for both students and teachers to teach each other.

My recommendation for educators is to go with it. Embrace digital literacy by inspiring your students to think out of the box and explore new ways of doing things. Don’t be weighed down by the rigidity of historical expectations but instead embrace the power of the ever-changing digital environment. Give students the freedom to complete assignments in new ways that expand their – and your – digital boundaries.

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