Why You Should Stream Your Video Meeting

Live stream your video meeting

by Tom-Erik Lia, CEO and Co-founder of Videxio
Video is permeating nearly every industry today, from education to healthcare. Organizations are using video in new ways to connect people face-to-face, and its applications continue to evolve. Until now, though, most video communications have been planned and focused on smaller groups. Think weekly status meetings, brainstorm sessions, client calls and the like. While these have their place, you can make video work even harder for you. Enter live streaming.
Streaming lets you reach an even broader audience through video. In addition to being cost-effective and easy to use, live streaming can help you:

  • Teach customers how to use your product
  • Help HR communicate on a department-wide or company-wide basis
  • Host expert discussion panels to position your company as a thought leader
  • Engage your audience more through interactive features like chat and polling
  • Develop stronger relationships between offices of a global enterprise
  • Build more brand empathy by showing the face of your company in marketing videos
  • Reach more people without having to buy more equipment

It’s time to get more from your video meetings. Check out the infographic below for tips and ideas on how your company can use live streaming.
live video streaming infographic

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Tom-Erik Lia is CEO and cofounder of Videxio, a cloud video and collaboration provider that makes business communication easy, fun, and productive. Its video meeting and calling service seamlessly connects devices and users through the cloud for professional videoconferencing. Built on a dedicated global network, Videxio is interoperable with endpoints, extends the reach of Skype for Business, and offers live streaming and recording. Learn more about Videxio, or connect with Tom-Erik on email or LinkedIn

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