Why Use Video for Business?

What is the value of video for business?

A few weeks ago, we released the report from our annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 survey. We’ve talked about some of the most popular uses for video that were revealed by the survey. But why do people use video for business in the first place?

The Value of Video for Business

When asked, respondents cited a huge number of potential benefits from using video in their companies. Let’s look at how their responses break out:
what's the value of video in the organization?

The most popular value video provides is “Improving communication”, which 98% of respondents found at least somewhat valuable and 79% found very valuable. 98% also saw the value of using video for training employees better/faster (75% finding it very valuable). Other very popular reasons to use video (more than 90%) include empowering employees to share knowledge, making executives more relatable and personal, connecting geographically dispersed employees, celebrating corporate culture, smoothing the onboarding process for new employees, and increasing brand awareness and lead generation. Plus, 75% thought video was “very valuable” for creating visibility for employee achievements.

How is Video Use Changing?

So what kind of impact is this having on the business? We wanted to know more about how employees saw their video use changing as compared to last year.

First, we asked about how much video employees were consuming for work-related purposes.

trend of video watching

With 71% of respondents reporting that they watch more video for work now than they did last year, it’s clear that video use is on the up-swing.

But watching video is easy. Creating video takes a lot more time. How are folks seeing their rate of video creation change?

trend of video creation by employees

While not as strong a trend as video watching, the majority of employees are themselves creating more video for business purposes than they did in the previous year. Real behavior changes are starting to show up here.

What about the organization as a whole? Do employees see the way their companies treat video changing?

trend of video usage in the organization as a whole

With 84% of companies reporting a greater use of video for business in general, it’s clear that companies are truly taking the value of video to heart.

Want to read the full results of the report and discover more about the value of video for business? Download your complimentary copy here.

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