Why Use Video for Business, Anyway?

why use video for business

We talk a lot about the many reasons it’s a good idea to use video in the enterprise. But a more convincing argument comes from the companies who actually do use video. One of our most popular questions in our annual survey takes a look at this, asking why use video for business at all?

Why use video for business

A Deeper Dive

So why are companies creating and using so much video? It turns out that video serves a number of goals within an organization, and provides multiple returns on the investment.

The two most popular reasons to use video, cited by 98% of respondents as being valuable, were “Improving communication” and “Training employees better/faster.” Given how many companies are using video for executive messaging and that learning and development is one of the biggest use cases for video we’ve seen reported, this isn’t too surprising.

Several other reasons were cited for video’s value by more than 90% of respondents. 95% say “Connecting geographically-dispersed employees.” Definitely a major factor in the rise in webcasting! “Making executives more relatable and personal” (92%) is likely another big factor here.

We know marketing is a huge user of video, which is why 93% reported “Increasing brand awareness and lead generation.”  “Empowering employees to share knowledge” was cited by 93%, while “Creating more visibility for employee effort and achievements” was chosen by 92%.  91% included “Improving customer service and resources.”

These values have stayed essentially stable over the five years we have conducted this study; video’s popularity is no fad.


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