Why Use Simulive for Your Virtual Event?

Charlotte Copeman
Updated January 28 2021
Simulive for Virtual Event
Charlotte Copeman
Updated January 28 2021

What is Simulive?

The word “simulive” is an amalgamation of two words, simulated+live. Simulive enables you to record a video in advance and play it at a specified day and time as a live session with all live interactions such as chat, Q&A and reactions.



What are the Benefits of Simulive?

Your virtual events have financial, time and people investment. They represent your company and your brand and solidify your presence in the market. When you’ve invested time, budget and resources, quality is everything.


Virtual events are perceived in a different way to in-person events and they are much less forgiving, so the quality of your production needs to be high for delivery, content and engagement. Simulive dramatically lowers the risk for live hiccups and transforms your presenters to video stars. However, not all virtual event platforms can offer this capability natively.


Simulive analytics


Quality of Delivery

Technically, live production requires very broad and stable uplink, which is often very challenging to get especially nowadays where most people present from home. With simulive, the streaming is automatic, and cloud based, which means no limitations on the quality of the stream and the ability to easily stream 4K videos and above.


In addition, simulive is pre-planned, seamless and removes any risks posed by the presenter’s personal environment. If a presenter is delivering a session and their internet connection fails, you instantly lose the viewer. Viewers will navigate away at a much faster pace and likely won’t return. During an in-person event, your audience are in a room and will wait while short technical problems with sound or slides are resolved, but in a virtual event you have very limited time to resolve a presenter’s technical challenges. Therefore, as the organizer, the ability to choose a more stable and predictable delivery option for your sessions is critical to your event success.


Kaltura Virtual Events provides in-depth Quality of Services (QoS) analytics throughout the live broadcast allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot in real-time. With simulive, you can focus on your stream health and live attendee engagement rather than worrying about the delivery and bandwidth of your speaker’s network.

simulive opening ceremonies


Trying to organize multiple speakers to be available at the same time in today’s world is tough. Not having to rely on your speakers not being sick, stuck in traffic or otherwise having to drop out last minute, alleviates a lot of complexity and stress.


Enabling your speakers to pre-record their sessions ahead of time gives them an opportunity to participate regardless of their calendar and ensures you can attract top-tier speakers whilst utilizing their time well. If you have multiple presenters in the same session you don’t have to rely on them being available at the same time, you can simply stitch them together later.


In addition, enterprise-grade virtual events platforms support a multitude of broadcasting technologies, but maybe you have a high-end recording studio and want to broadcast using your own software? Perhaps your speaker wants to use something less popular but familiar to themselves? Pre-recording sessions means that your speakers can use any technology they choose without the need for you to manage those technologies as part of your event delivery production.

simulive capture

Quality of Content

Not everyone is a video star and just because you’re a subject matter expert doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable in front of the camera. Pre-recording sessions puts your speakers at ease and gives them an opportunity to review, revise and improve.


By pre-recording your sessions you don’t have to worry about compliance or whether your speakers will remember the salient points of their presentation. If a presenter makes a mistake, they can stop and re-record or if they run over their time they can rework and ensure they meet the right timings.


Most important, Kaltura offer a layer of moderation to review and polish your sessions and ensure your content is where it should be and your brand is being represented successfully.


Once you have the pre-recorded content, you have the breathing room to take your content to the next level with animations, annotations and other visual storytelling enhancements.


The Kaltura Virtual Events platform provides tools for speaker-generated-content and easy content creation with Kaltura Capture, our simple-to-use technology for capturing any combination of video, slides, desktop and audio.


These tools are available for both speakers and Sponsors. With easy access to self-serve options and the ability to schedule content for live broadcasts using simulive, your Sponsors will be well taken care of.

Quality of Engagement

From the audience’s perspective, there is no difference between a live and a simulive session. With simulive you get the great experience of a live session, making the users feel connected and tuned in to something that is happening “now”, but without all the headaches of a live production.


Now your presenters, moderators and subject matter experts can devote their time to creating engaging and interactive experiences, by being 100% focused on moderation and engagement tools such as chat, Q&A and polls.


Simulive is also designed for greater accessibility and inclusion. “Follow the Sun” sessions scheduled across multiple time zones are easy to do. Captioning and dubbing can be achieved at fraction of the cost of live captioning and with far greater accuracy.


Kaltura Virtual Events was developed to create a “lean-forward” experience and attendee engagement is what makes your events with us so successful. Kaltura provides you with tools for live polls, 1:1 attendee chat, notifications, reactions, gamification – treasure hunts, attendee competitions, and prizes and more.

Increased ROI

ROI is key to the success of any virtual event. Whether it’s your annual conference or your sales kickoff, the ability to reuse, reshape or watch content at a later date amplifies your time and budget investment 10x.


For external events, sessions can be reused in webinars, sales pitches, RFPs, customer training or give your community something to come back for. For internal events your employees can catch-up on missed events, use them for review and improvement, training and more. VOD content tends to have 50% higher viewership compared with live sessions, so having your content pre-recorded allows you greater freedom to optimize and maximize your content investment.


With Kaltura, not only do you have the sessions for re-use but you also have a life-long platform to continue to engage your external audience to drive your pipe and internally to drive your employee engagement.