Why Law Firms Need Video Tools

How video for law firms can help clients

Today’s law firms have more data to manage than ever before, while clients’ patience seems to be getting shorter every year. It’s becoming a real knowledge management issue. How can lawyers access the knowledge they need fast, so they can get answers back to their clients quickly?

Tapping Video for Law Firm Knowledge Management (and More)

Leading law firms are now leveraging video across the organization, for everything from internal learning/training to managing client content to internal communications. Video content helps capture key details and facts, making an effective knowledge sharing and training tool that can be easily searched to get clients answers fast. From research to documentation to spreading best practices, today’s legal professionals find video a more engaging and effective way to communicate.

Knowledge Sharing within the Firm

One key way law firms are taking advantage of video is by creating a centralized video repository of video content. While lawyers tend to be very comfortable expressing themselves in writing, sometimes just sitting down in front of a webcam and talking can be a much faster way to download information. Better yet, by using in-video search, it’s easy to search across the entire database of videos instead of needing to open hundreds of text files. Recording critical knowledge and then finding it again becomes much faster and easier with video.

Managing Client Videos

Centralizing client videos is also key to effective management. With the prevalence of cameras everywhere, videos are increasingly playing a part in legal cases. Effectively and securely managing those videos so they cannot be misplaced or watched by unauthorized users can be a critical part of preparing for court.
Recording clients can also be an effective way of preparing witnesses for the stand. By allowing them to review their recordings, it becomes easier to coach people on their presentations. Again, though, managing these securely is of paramount importance.
Creating videos as instructional tools for clients is also a great way to educate them on critical issues that affect them. These can be watched at their leisure, again and again, strengthening relationships with clients.
Video for law firms has the potential to eliminate headaches while strengthening the firm’s capabilities. The key is to manage that video effectively.

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