Why Animation is AWESOME

PowToon animated video with Kaltura

There are lots of ways to make great videos. Creating cool animations can be intimidating for the novice, though. Kaltura partner PowToon has one potential solution.

Why Animation is AWESOME

By Ari Sherbill
Have you ever found yourself watching one of those animated, professional looking online videos, and thinking, “Wow, that’s exactly what I need to get my colleagues and clients to pay attention!”?
You’re not alone, because videos have been statistically proven to be more engaging than text.

  • Adobe found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name VIDEO as the type of content with the BEST ROI. (Source)
  • One study showed how simply putting an ANIMATED VIDEO on a web-page increased engagement by 86%. (Source)
  • This in-depth study found that a post with a VIDEO will get nearly 300% more engagement than a post with text alone. (Source)

Here’s something even more fascinating I learned from Neil Fleming. (Feel free to use it at your next cocktail party!)
Neil Fleming is a professor from Lincoln University in New Zealand and studied over 9000 classroom lessons. The purpose of his research was to find how we consume information (or learn) most effectively.
Put differently: What is more effective to engage with your classroom or audience? Giving them a text handout or showing them an animated video with the same exact information?
Through his extensive research, Fleming discovered that adults learn in three different modes:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic (Dynamic Movement)

Now everything becomes crystal clear. The reason why these animated videos get 300% more engagement than text is painfully simple:
An animated video engages all 3 learning modes of your brain…simultaneously. They’re visuals with soundtracks that move dynamically – all at once!
No wonder Coca-Cola, Google, Nestle, FaceBook, General Mills, Nike, and just about every Fortune 500 company choose animated videos to explain and inspire their audience.
There are plenty of great companies out there who can create professional animated videos. Sometimes, though, going to the pros is going to be too expensive and time-consuming for your needs. If you want to produce something in-house that still looks great, there’s another option.
PowToon is a platform where anyone can make a professional animated video in just 20 minutes with the ease of making a PowerPoint.
For example,recently, the CIO of Navistar needed his team to pitch the CEO and Board of Directors on a new strategy. So they made a short PowToon…and won the entire board over in less than 5 minutes (full story here).
Take a look at PowToon at work:

Now you can make a PowToon directly inside of your Kaltura MediaSpace environment! With access to TONS of ready-made templates and easy tutorials, you can create a PowToon in under 20 minutes. Your colleagues will be wowed in no time and you’ll be wishing for the days before they paid attention.
Ari Sherbill is VP of Business Development at PowToon. Ari’s known as the “High Energy Guy” who currently advises Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood Film Studios and over 5,000 executives every month how to increase their engagement, leads and sales with PowToon. NASA referred to his strategies as “fresh and intriguing.”

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