What’s the State of Video in the Enterprise in 2016?

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Yesterday, we released the results of our third annual survey, The State of Video in the Enterprise 2016: A Kaltura Report.
We talked to nearly 500 professionals in businesses around the world, from the associate level to the C-suite. They represented IT, Training, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Product, HR, Finance, Management, and more. We received responses from industries including finance, healthcare, government, retail, software, manufacturing, energy, insurance, consulting, non-profit, advertising, and agriculture. They told us about how they’re using video for corporate communications, training, team-building, networking, knowledge sharing, PR, marketing, and company events. Even more importantly, they talked about why they’re using video and how they expect enterprise video to change in the future.
“Our latest report on video in the enterprise shows that video has reached a tipping point, with 59% of enterprises having integrated video into their intranets and 42% having integrated video capabilities into social business platforms. Video helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to meet many of their business goals more easily because it is such a natural tool for any business activity that requires communication or collaboration. Any enterprise that has so far resisted putting in place an enterprise-wide video strategy risks being left behind as their video-fueled competitors start to pull ahead of the pack,” says our Chairman and CEO, Ron Yekutiel.
Here’s a taste of some of the feedback we received about the state of video in the enterprise:
The state of video in the enterprise 2016

Want more details? Download your copy of the State of Video in the Enterprise 2016 – A Kaltura Report.


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