What Will the Workplace Look Like in a Video World?

use cases for enterprise video

Video communication is more popular today than the written word. Marketing video has been around since the introduction of TV; in more recent times, we’ve gotten accustomed to video conferencing, enabling those at distance to feel present and connected. But today’s workers increasingly see video not as a sometimes-tool, but as an all-the-time, “I need to have it to be productive” form of communication. The confluence of our mobile devices, high-speed internet access, social networks, and the concept of social business has our personal and professional lives streaming with video.
Progressive companies and organizations know this, and are harnessing the power of video to do more across the entire business. What are some of the more innovative use cases for enterprise video across the business?

Surprising Use Cases for Enterprise Video

Corporate Communications: Internalvideo for corporate communications

Don’t limit yourself to one-offs: It’s not just the once-a-year events that benefit from being broadcast. Think smaller, as well—sales kickoffs,product launches, strategy briefings, financial results and
more can all benefit from engaging presentations thatcan be watched anywhere, on any device.

Corporate Communications: External

Virtual Press Conference: Give a face to the company, literally. A video press conference via webcast makes your announcement
look more personal and polished than a text release. Q&A can be controlled more easily than in person, but still allows for easy interaction between your speaker and the press. Journalists can choose to watch synchronously or asynchronously, increasing your

using video for HRHR

Onboarding: Stop repeating yourself. Give every new employee a
personalized playlist of short videos walking them through procedures, benefits, and more. Even better, they can continue to access their playlist when questions arise months or years later. Best yet, centralized video management lets you update everyone’s playlist with a few clicks whenever you roll out new initiatives.

Learning and Training

Improve safety training: Employee safety is paramount. Industries like construction, manufacturing, and transportation are all using video to brief employees on appropriate safety measures—and are seeing reduced accident rates as a result.


Reuse materials from across the company: Great footage can come from anywhere. With today’s emphasis on authenticity, user generated content from your customers and employees can be an amazing resource. But make sure you have the backend structure to be able to find the best—and filter out the rest.


Create personalized demos: With video creation tools, empower your sales team to build customized videos and demos for each new pitch. A video follow up can be a nice personalized touch as well!

Client Communications

Expansion: Want to make sure your customer stays loyal? Help them use your product more often and better with short, helpful videos giving them power-user tips or showing how other customers have used the product.

Knowledge Sharing

Clone your superstars: Whether it’s a regional office or an individual, you know that some of your employees can be counted on to over-deliver. Easy desktop video capture makes it simple for your superstars to explain exactly what they’re doing to get results. Get their best practices on record, and boost the performance of all of their peers.

Employee Engagement

Smooth transitions: When your organization faces a major transition, like a merger or acquisition, use your video platform to connect teams and promote the merging of corporate cultures. Employees can also use the video portal to learn about their new coworkers’ areas of expertise and allocate the right people to the right project teams.


Casual collaboration: Schedules making it difficult to get everyone at one time for a video meeting? Quick desktop capture makes it easier to collaborate across time zones and schedule conflicts. Tap into the collective wisdom of your workforce and increase productivity.Using video to reduce IT call center time


Help your employees help themselves: Consider your own video channel with tutorials answering your most commonly asked questions. With an accessible, searchable IT knowledge base, save your Help Desk team for the tricky questions.

Are you taking full advantage of video? Try some of these use cases for enterprise video to improve efficiency, cut costs, boost collaboration, and more.

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