Webinar certificates: how to certify your attendees

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Immanuel Vinikas
Updated August 21 2022
Webinar certificates
immanuel vinikas headshot
Immanuel Vinikas
Updated August 21 2022

People register for webinars to learn something new. Especially when attending a full course or multi-session webinar series, the prospect of receiving a certificate of completion is a great motivator. If you hosted your share of webinars, you’ll know it’s also a common request from your attendees. Luckily, creating webinar certificates is easy and straightforward. We give you the what, why, and how in this article.



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Why offer a webinar certificate?

There are many good reasons to offer your webinar attendees a certificate of completion. First, your attendees might need a certificate to prove attendance to managers or customers. It demonstrates their knowledge and willingness to upskill and increase their expertise. So, it can also be a great asset for job applications.


But it’s also a nice incentive to participate, knowing they’ll receive a tangible at the end of the webinar session or series. Depending on the webinar topic, it might even be nice to hang the webinar certificate on the office wall, or at least exercise their bragging rights on LinkedIn and other social media.


Webinar certificates are great for the issuer, too. It’s another form of brand awareness (provided you brand your certificate template with your logo, name, and colors). It’s a positive experience that the attendee will always connect to your brand.




How to create a webinar certificate?

Creating webinar certificates is one of the easiest things you will have done today. Especially since there’s no need to start from scratch or involve designers or printers. You can check out online certificate generators like Jotform, Canva, or Certifier. Easier still, you can download one of our 5 templates hereunder and customize as needed.



    1. Choose the right certificate template

In the case of webinars, all certificates basically communicate the same thing; the attendee participated in the webinar or series of webinars. Beyond that, it’s mostly a matter of preference which template you’re going for. Do you want to highlight attendance, participation, or completion? Do you want to include the details of the webinar (date, time, location, duration, …)? It should be a webinar certificate your attendees will be proud to show off, so take your time to choose the best certificate template and customize it into a prized and personalized possession for your attendees.


    1. Personalize the template for each webinar attendee

Online certificate generators like Certifier have features that do the certificate personalization and expedition for you. But you can easily do this yourself, too. Ensure you include and correctly spell the full name of your participant, the title of the webinar, the names and logos of the issuing person or organization, and a signature.


    1. Send the certificates to your attendees

As mentioned before, if you use a certificate generator, you can probably automate this step. Otherwise, you should email the certificate to your attendee, thanking them for their participation. This would also be a great opportunity to ask your attendee to complete a survey, start a free trial of your product or service, or invite them to upcoming webinars.




Examples of webinar certificates

The following examples will give you a good idea of what a webinar certificate can look like. They all have a few main elements in common: the type of certificate (achievement, participation, completion, …), “proudly presented to” name and surname of the participant, “for completing the” name and description of your webinar, date, signature, brand logo, and some sort of an achievement symbol, such as a laurel crown, a cup, or a medal.


Webinar certificate example


Webinar certificate example


Webinar certificate example


Webinar certificate example




Free downloadable webinar certificates

If you’d rather not sign up for an online certificate generator, you can download any or all of the following basic webinar certificate templates, made by our Design team. The templates were created in PowerPoint for your convenience. They are yours to customize with your participants’ names, the webinar they attended, and of course your own name and logo.

Download your certificate for participation template

Download Now

Download your attendance certificate template

Download Now

Download your certificate of completion template

Download Now

Download your certificate of participation template

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Download your certificate of achievement template

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The main ingredients to a successful webinar are your content and expertise, and of course your webinar platform for a flawless and engaging delivery. Issuing a certificate of completion is the cherry on top of your webinar pie, for your attendees as well as your brand.