Virtually Live 2022 highlights: The state of webinars 2023 [+VIDEO]

Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 18 2023
Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 18 2023

Our state of webinars report has some very interesting findings. Before you read it in full, here are its highlights.


In October 2021, we asked marketers how many webinars they were planning to hold in 2022. The most common answer was between 10-15, while some were talking about16-20. During 2023, however, most marketers will run between 16-20 webinars, while 26% are looking at more than 20.


This increase should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention when B2B marketers said that webinars got them the best results compared to other content types. Or when B2B buyers voted for webinars as their preferred format for professional engagement. Apparently, webinar fatigue has paid off all around.


But to scale successfully, we have to make things more efficient. Marketers are aware of that, which is why they put built-in landing page creation as their #1 request, followed by smoother sign-ups and log-ins, easier registration data management, and integration with marketing automation.


Again, no surprise there. Marketers want to focus on creating content and have everything they need in one place.


Next up on marketers’ list of requirements were branding and design. As unique and on-brand experiences become the industry standard, it’s only natural for marketers to insist on showing it off when they have their customers’ eyes and ears.


Speaking of experiences, we also asked marketers what kind of engagement tools they would like to see. Their first choice was live crowd reactions. Of course, we all agree that Q&A is a must. But more and more companies are exploring other ways to engage viewers before, during, and after the webinars.


That’s right, before, during, and after! The webinar isn’t over once it’s officially “over.” Many people opt to watch the recording nowadays. And many more will watch it if you make it available for everyone to watch on-demand. By Available, we mean a seamless experience whether they attended the live show or not.


To conclude, the marketer’s job is never truly over. But as far as webinars are concerned, it’s getting better and better.



Watch the full video, “Spotlight: Webinars – Back to the future,” here:

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