Virtually Live 2022 highlights: The state of events 2023 [+VIDEO]

Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 17 2023
Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 17 2023

The second iteration of our state of events report is out. We recommend reading it in full, but for now, here are the highlights from it.


How important are virtual events to your marketing strategy?  74% of event organizers say it’s the most important part of theirs. As for your audience, virtual events are attendees’ go-to for valuable content at minimum effort.


It should come as no surprise that organizers predict a 12-15% increase in virtual events operations in 2023, according to our recent survey. That includes the number of events in total, as well as the total budget, engagement rates, leads produced, and more.


Interestingly, the rise of virtual events doesn’t replace in-person ones. Both types of events have merit in the eyes of attendees, albeit they don’t necessarily serve the same purpose.


While quality content was always a must, the shift from in-person to virtual events further increased its importance. Our survey shows that attendees want to easily access what they need and nothing more, not waste any time getting there, but then take their time with it – literally – skipping some parts and rewinding others. In-person events, as you would expect, are the more social counterparts, where networking is the crucial element.


Can hybrid events act as a middle ground, bringing together the best of two worlds? Perhaps, but it might be better to keep a level of separation between virtual and in-person and optimize the experience for the audience at each.


Still, the two types of events share the same challenges when it comes to production and scalability. Be advised that attendees show little patience for technical glitches – more than 2/3 say it can make them walk out of the event.


In the case of virtual events, simulive technology – where you broadcast prerecorded content – can help circumvent such issues and difficulties and reduce overall stress levels. It also makes reusing content easier.


Another way virtual events can prove to be very helpful is through data. Every single action is recorded in the digital sphere, painting a detailed picture that in-person events can’t even come close to. The downside is that it can also make you lose focus of what’s actually going on.


Unless, of course, your virtual event solution makes it easier for you and guides you along.



Watch the full video, “Spotlight: The state of events 2023 – The making of a virtual culture,” here:

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