Virtually Live 2022 highlights: How SAP made the digital shift [+VIDEO]

Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 17 2023
Ud Doron Headshot
Ud Doron
Updated April 17 2023

For more than 50 years, SAP has been leading customers through changes and transformations. Lisa Bennett, Kaltura’s EVP marketing, spoke to Ada Agrait, SVP Global Head of Corporate Marketing at SAP, about keeping up with the times in the face of economic headwinds and an ever-increasing pace of technological breakthroughs.


Digital transformation has become the buzzword of the moment. We’re seeing an incredible digital shift in business and consequently, customers and employees. While a positive thing, all in all, the rate of change might not be forgiving for those lagging. So, how do you navigate these choppy waters safely?


According to Ada, it starts with evaluating the journey you offer stakeholders, along with a clear set of metrics and data to check that you’re on track. Of course, you need to figure out the tech and Martech stack needed to support that, whether you’re offering is in-person, virtual, or a combination of the two.


“We have to be able to stay ahead of trends and as we’re implementing new Martech or data tools, how are those evolving for the future versus just serving its purpose at a point in time,” she adds.


To find out what’s trending, Ada and her team use readily available information, such as business reports and news outlets. They take special interest in what their competitors are doing.


But you can’t base everything you do on trends. With regard to the virtual event trend, that means you must understand your customer’s journey and see where it would make the most sense to meet them next.


That’s especially true in the current economic climate, which is why, in 2023, SAP is striving for a healthy balance of virtual and in-person allowing them to meet the needs of customers worldwide. That balance includes a distinct virtual component whenever they run an in-person event as they found that it yields great results. From a customer standpoint, it really is the best of both worlds.


In the looming recession, you’ll also have to learn how to do more with less. Still, pulling the entire marketing budget back will compromise our ability to grow in the future. Instead, it’s about prioritizing and homing in on the actions that yield the best outcomes, says Ada.


She also advises not to get hung up on the data you don’t have but make the best use of the data you do. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t think ahead and plan for the data that will be most effective in promoting your customer journey. But although it’s essential in the long run, it might take some time to build up correctly, so, “focus on impact over activity.”


And whatever you do, keep moving forward.



Watch the full closing keynote, “Impact over activity – Making the digital shift,” here:

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