Get your audience engagement levels up at Virtually Live 2022!

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Immanuel Vinikas
Updated October 13 2022
Virtually Live
immanuel vinikas headshot
Immanuel Vinikas
Updated October 13 2022

Events are a great way to raise brand awareness and generate leads.  Marketers continue to use events in their marketing mix, and now with digital and hybrid experiences, they are increasingly connecting these experiences across the customer journey. But the success of an event is greatly dependent on audience engagement. The pursuit of the latter even created a new discipline, engagement marketing. But how do you get your audience psyched before, during, and after your event? How do you nurture long-term relationships with them? How do you create an immersive product or brand experience for them? Get your questions answered by the industry’s cream of the crop at Kaltura’s second edition of Virtually Live!


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What is Virtually Live! by Kaltura?

Virtually Live! is an industry thought leadership event that brings together thousands of marketers and event professionals from all industries and levels to share their experiences, opinions, and tips.


As we all know, the event industry has undergone a total transformation in the last few years. The teams and the required skills are no longer the same. Events now play a similar role to content marketing in an organization’s marketing strategy, engaging target audiences, raising brand awareness, generating leads, and much more. Events also have increasingly expanded across use cases to internal events, executive town hall meetings, learning and development programs and more.


Of course, with this transformation also comes innovation in experiential marketing tools and technology, data collection and analysis, and event automation. Virtually Live! is an opportunity to catch up on all these changes and innovations and discuss how to put them to the benefit of your organization.

Virtually Live! 2021 unraveled the secrets of the marketing funnel

The first edition of Virtually Live! celebrated the extraordinary pivot event marketers undertook practically overnight, from setting up in-person events to becoming full-fledged digital marketers organizing and promoting virtual and hybrid events.


Attendees learned about how these pioneers made lemonade out of the lemons they were given and how they could make virtual events work for their businesses, too.


The event turned out to be a tremendous success with thousands of attendees joining the sessions presented by a stellar lineup of speakers, including VPs Marketing and CMOs of some of the world’s strongest brands.


Audience engagement at Virtually Live!


Virtually Live! 2022: Let’s talk about audience engagement

Just like last year’s edition, Virtually Live! 2022 is an outstanding opportunity to learn from the pioneers in our industry. You’ll learn about trends and areas in which to invest, and how to do more with less —a crucial focal point in the current economy.


Virtually Live! 2022 will home in on the topic of audience engagement before, during, and after the event. The tagline for this year’s edition is “The turn of events. The age of engagement.” Engagement marketing is currently a hot topic, and marketers and event professionals are looking into ways to foster long-term relationships with their audiences and create immersive experiences.


All of this will be presented and discussed by an exceptional speaker lineup in keynotes, leadership panels, spotlight sessions, and so much more.


Attendees will also enjoy on-topic music shows, workshops, demo labs, and sponsor booths. In true inception style, attendees can access the Virtually Live Behind-The-Scenes experience, to see the inner workings of Virtually Live! by Kaltura, and witness the Kaltura Events platform in action.


The Virtually Live! 2022 edition will also have a podcast area with exclusive one-on-one intros with our speakers, in which they answer the same list of “7 questions in events.”


Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to network. Attendees will be able to ask speakers and moderators questions and connect with other participants in the Open Chat. There’s also a search and chat option to connect and exchange ideas with other attendees. Finally, there will also be a leaderboard, polls, and quizzes to participate in.

Who’s coming?

Just like last year, Virtually Live 2022 will gather thousands of marketing, communication, L&D, HR, and training professionals from around the world. But the centerpiece is of course the 50 live sessions in which the biggest marketing brains of the industry will discuss events and audience engagement.


At the time of writing, the following speakers confirmed their participation:


  • Emily Ketchen, CMO, Lenovo
  • Amit Bivas, VP Enterprise Marketing,
  • Nadia Hitman, VP Brand Marketing, Simply
  • Heather Combs, Director, Head of Brand Strategy & Customer Insights, Adobe
  • Sarah McConnell, VP Demand Generation, Qualified
  • Laura Heisman, CMO, VMware
  • Alex Rosemblat, CMO, Datadog
  • Stacy Nawrocki, Head of Product Management and Division Leader, IBM Watson Media
  • Bob Bejan, Corporate VP Global Events, Microsoft
  • Mohanbir Sawhney, Associate Dean for Digital Innovation, Kellogg School of Management
  • Conrad Mills, B2B Marketing Analyst, Forrester
  • Sara Gorlick, VP Events, Rakuten
  • Steven McNellie, Senior Platform Manager and Producer, Airbnb
  • Clara Galan, Product Marketing Global Education Community, Adobe
  • Paul Knegten, CMO, Outbrain
  • Roman Faminou, Product Marketing Manager, Google
  • Amy Jaick, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Columbia Business School
  • Alvio Barrios, SVP Customer Experience, Cisco
  • Ada Agrait, SVP Global Head of Corporate Marketing, SAP
  • Daniel Simon, VP, Head of Strategic Marketing, HERE Technologies
  • Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera
  • Joanna Lee, VP Global Marketing, Peloton
  • Mor Kristal Paul, Senior Events & Production Manager,
  • Jill Kramer, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture
  • Peter Alexander, CMO, Check Point
  • Rachel Lockwood, EMEA Marketing Director, Amazon Web Services
  • Sophie Mellor, EMEA Events Program Manager, Amazon Web Services
  • Melinda Kraft, Business Systems Analyst Lead, University of Michigan
  • Jaime Hunt, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Old Dominion University


The list is growing, so visit the Virtually Live! website regularly for updates and speaker bios!


audience engagement at virtually live!


You should be a part of it, too.

With Virtually Live! being a free admission event, there’s no reason not to attend. It’s 100% to your benefit. And to the benefit of the environment! Kaltura has teamed up with to enable subscribers to choose an environmental cause to which we will contribute in their name! All you have to do is sign up!


Virtually Live! 2022 will take place on November 15th and broadcast live again on November 16th (for EMEA timezone) online, everywhere… on the Kaltura Event Platform. Get ready to engage, and be engaged!


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