Video Monetization in the Age of OTT

OTT TV monetization
  • “In 2015, Netflix accounted for about half of the overall 3% decline in TV viewing time among U.S. audiences” – Variety
  • “[T]he global OTT market [is] primed to grow from $28.04 billion in 2015 to $62.03 billion by 2020” – RapidTVNews
  • “Over-the-top (OTT) has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of video advertising views” – MediaPost

What OTT viewers are looking forAt this point, it’s an undisputable fact that OTT is one of the key components to a successful future in TV. Viewers around the world expect to be able to watch shows on their own terms: where they want, when they want, and on what device they want.
More and more media companies and service providers are launching their own TV Everywhere and OTT TV services to meet this demand. But moving into the world of online video is challenging to manage. New technologies and business strategies are required, and the best practices seem to change daily. How can online video providers make sure to stay ahead of the curve?
At Kaltura Connect OTT+Monetization Virtual Summit, on Thursday, June 23, leaders in the industry are going to share their experiences in online video, including TV Everywhere, Over-the-top TV, and even lessons from social media. You’re invited to register for this complimentary event to learn from these thought leaders. Here are some key lessons to learn from successful leaders in the field.

Lessons from Leaders in OTT and Video Monetization

Adapt to your market

What does it take to launch a successful TV Everywhere service in Latin America? Turner LatAm has spent the last year capitalizing on their successful launch of TNTGo with expansions into new apps like SpaceGo. They successfully deployed a multilingual offering, and drove widespread adoption of their apps.

Get your viewers what they want

Vodafone Spain recently launched a successful new OTT service, taking on the incumbents in the space and bring in users through a superlative user experience. Some of their tricks to success? Everything from strategically handling sports and Netflix to creating an offering with HD and even 4K.

Learn from social media

Personalization, identity, real time. These are the cornerstones of social media success. The same lessons can help OTT providers and video publishers stay relevant in a shifting marketplace. For example, providers can make it possible for their viewers to follow their friends to see what they’re watching, to get personalized recommendations from their network or based on their previous viewing patterns, and more.

Secrets to Success in Online Video

So what’s the real secret to success in OTT TV and other cutting-edge video monetization? Staying on top of the changes. As technology and the market constantly evolve, a flexible strategy and a willingness to constantly watch for new emerging best practices are critical to future-proofing OTT efforts.
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