7 Ways to Use Video Messages to Connect at Work

ways to use video messages to connect at work

Did you know that 86% of professionals name email as their favorite mode of communication? How about the fact that each day, the average office worker receives 121 emails and sends out 40? (Email Statistics Report, 2019-2023. The Radicati Group, Inc).

The result? We all have so many emails that it’s hard to even focus on them.

Whether it’s an executive trying to give an important update to her employees, a product manager trying to drum up excitement about the latest release, a customer rep hoping to detangle a confused client, or a salesperson angling for a new prospect, we all want our emails to get attention. That’s why video messages are so amazing.

Video emails are just that – emails that feature an eyecatching video. Even better, they let the sender know whether or not the recipient actually watched the video!

Who Can Use Video Messages to Connect at Work?

Video emails make perfect sense for anyone trying to get their message to stand out in the inbox clutter. Here are just a couple ways that employees are taking advantage of video messages.

Sales Reps

Uses: Prospecting- “Semi-Personal” video email reach out; Pre-meeting- Meeting confirmation, agenda suggestion; Meeting follow up- Meeting summary, sending additional information; Demos- During the sales cycle

Approach: I reach out for prospects trying to interest them in my company. My goal is to set a first meeting and start a sales cycle.

Customer Success

Uses: Meeting follow up- Meeting summary, sending additional information; demos; pricing and quote; personal messages

Approach: I reach out to customers with answers to their questions or to offer them new products or features.

Support Engineer

Uses: Demos; support

Approach: I reply to support tickets opened by customers with instructions.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Uses: Personal reach out

Approach: I reach out to candidates trying to interest them in my company. My goal is to set an interview.

Product Manager:

Uses: Product launches

Approach: I build excitement at my company for a new product launch by emailing them a short and fun video with a few key highlights to love about the new product.

Team Lead: 

Uses: Personal reach out; team updates; team building

Approach: I am sending weekly updates to my team containing info about new opportunities, support tickets from customers, new product updates, etc.


Uses: Company news; cheer-leading; holiday greetings

Approach: I want a personal touch even though I can’t possibly meet everyone in person. I send out regular company status updates, highlight best performing teams, introduce new initiatives, and rally the company with regular messages.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways we’ve seen companies use video messages to connect at work. As more companies embrace the technique, we’re sure to see even more amazing uses!


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