Video Marketing Metrics Matter: CMMA Metro Meetup

How to use video marketing metrics

Video is a huge part of the marketing mix for most organizations. It offers a great opportunity for greater engagement with audiences. But how you define “engagement” can vary from one organization to another. Perhaps even more important, engagement can be a difficult thing to measure. So for most marketers, engagement metrics are a critical but elusive component to a successful video marketing strategy.
On March 1st, we hosted the latest CMMA Metro Meetup at the Kaltura HQ office in Manhattan. In partnership with TeamPeople (special thanks to Rachel Kennedy) and the wonderful leadership of CMMA, we had two insightful speakers whose insights we’re lucky to be able to share.
Our guest speaker at the event was Elena Villaespesa from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Elena provided a fascinating overview of her marketing mix, which includes 360 degree video, while also discussing how she approaches measuring engagement. She shared her unique framework of metrics for analytics and visual dashboards, as well as her techniques for probing engagement and backing up to ask ‘why’ people were visiting the site.
It gave an interesting take on how non-profit (in this case, an art museum) analytics differ from traditional business analytics that measure a path to a transactional sale. It just goes to show that ‘engagement’ means different things to different people/organizations.
Next, Kaltura’s very own Yair Leshem shared many insights, including framing where video is in the market today and where it is going in the future. Video is the most effective medium for engagement for communicating with your intended audience. Even so, video has two challenges: creating interesting videos, and then enabling discovery within the abundance of videos already created.
Video marketing metrics matter. They are no longer a nice-to-have. Data is now a must for any decisions pertaining to content creation and publishing. Creators want to know who is watching, engaging, and ultimately ‘why’. These insights surrounding the content and interactions drive all meaningful decisions.

Insights into Video Marketing Metrics

Watch the video itself in our interactive player below.

Note: this video has transcriptions (powered by Kaltura REACH), which matters because as Elena pointed out in her presentation, 75% of people watching her videos on Facebook do so with no sound. 85% of all Facebook videos are watched with no sound. 44:33 (timestamp)
(This is also an excellent example of our dynamic video player with chaptering that synchs PowerPoint sides to the video presentation.)

Key chapters in the video recording:

Gregg Moss – CMMA Regional President 0:00 (timestamp)
Dr. Shay David – Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, Kaltura  7:30 (timestamp)
William Jarrett – Eastern Regional Director for CMMA  13:25 (timestamp)
Elena Villaespesa – Digital Media Analyst at The Metropolitan Museum of Art  16:24 (timestamp)
Yair Leshem – Sr. Director of Product and BD, Kaltura  58:42 (timestamp)

What is CMMA?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with CMMA, it stands for Communications Media Managers Association

CMMA Background:

The mission of Communications Media Management Association is to provide media managers the tools to meet leadership challenges of the future. Our membership qualifications keep CMMA focused on management professionals who share similar challenges leading communications media functions. Membership in CMMA is open to those individuals employed to manage their respective corporate and organizational communications media operations. CMMA members manage satellite business television networks, video conferencing, multimedia, Websites and Webcasting, print, graphics, photography, audio and video productions, conferences and other corporate communications functions.

CMMA Members:

The members of CMMA are senior level Media Managers for large organizations, many of whom we are proud to say are our customers. A variety of organizations from Banks to Manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations, as well as within the Higher Education community.
The membership of CMMA aligns perfectly with Kaltura’s VIMB and VAMB split. VIMB is an acronym for ‘Video Is My Business’ which applies to proper Media companies. For everyone else, it is ‘VAMB’ – Video Amplifies My Business – which is the ideal explanation for members of CMMA as professionals leading rich media for their organizations.
VAMB is how Kaltura looks at the Enterprise, non-profit, and the Education sectors in how they approach video solutions. The fit could not be more perfect for CMMA members.

Interested in seeing how else video can be used for marketing? Watch the video “Video-based Marketing.”

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