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Using Video Indexing to Unlock Your Audio and Video: Kaltura Integration with Yactraq

Kaltura has recently integrated with Yactraq, a cloud based video indexing platform. Yactraq is a valued Kaltura Exchange partner that provides video indexing services & video metadata, allowing video publishers to make their videos accessible, searchable, and discoverable. In 2011 the US market generated more than $8 billion in text based contextual advertising revenue.  Meanwhile, users spend increasing amounts of time consuming video.  Yactraq intersects both trends by taking contextual ads beyond text, into the world of video.Jeh Daruvala, the Founder & CEO at Yactraq Online Inc, has been nice enough to provide us with the following parts of this post discussing Yacrtraq’s services and the integration with Kaltura in more depth.
About Yacrtaq:
Yactraq’s patent pending technology uses state-of-the-art speech recognition systems and NLP (natural language processing) technology to auto-generate time-coded topics for any digital video/audio content.  Our topics are further analyzed for frequency, relevance, and other proprietary metrics to produce deep and rich video analytics metadata that can be used in various applications such as contextual advertising (for which Yactraq provides an out-of-the-box app), SEO, Usability (Content Search, Discovery, Navigation), Productivity (Video Editing) and several other possiblities.
The Integration:
This service integration is achieved with the addition of two Javascript files to each page delivering Kaltura media content, reserving an area where Yactraq’s advertising can be displayed, and a small Javascript shim establishing the publisher’s identity and options for choosing and displaying advertising content. There are no modifications made to the Kaltura player (publisher-specific themes and templates are never interfered with) and very limited JavaScript skills are required to complete this integration. With this in place, a publisher can be up and running, delivering contextual advertising to his users and monetizing his content within hours.
You can see the demo HERE
For More Information
Yactraq’s production system is deployed on the highly scalable and reliable Amazon EC2 cloud. Whether you have just a few videos or millions, the process is entirely automated, resulting in accurate video metadata.
For more info about the integration and video indexing visit the Kaltura Exchange, email us at [email protected], or find more details on our website at
Thank you and if you have any questions post in the comments below!

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