Video for Student Developers: Joining the GitHub Student Developer Pack!

Rachel Maltese
Updated November 19 2019
VPaaS added to GitHub Student Pack
Rachel Maltese
Updated November 19 2019

We are excited to announce that Kaltura has joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack! For students who are also aspiring developers and entrepreneurs, the GitHub Student Developer Pack is an exciting opportunity. The program has provided over 1.5 million students the best real-world developer tools and training, for free, since its introduction six years ago. And now that Kaltura is part of the Pack, rich video capabilities can also be included in those developer tools!


To get access to the Pack, students have to be verified as currently enrolled by GitHub. Approximately 425,000 students a year become members of the Pack. Once they do, they’re provided with over $100,000 in tools and training to explore. Yes, that’s a lot of zeroes. And for those creating apps with video flows and functionalities, Kaltura is offering $10,000 a year in VPaaS credits through the Pack while a student is in school.

VPaaS + GitHub = More Power for Student Developers


So what’s VPaas?


VPaaS is Kaltura’s Video Platform as a Service, or the Kaltura API in other words. It comes the form of SDKs in thirteen different languages, which are easy to get started with. GitHub Student Developer Pack users will get access to all of the VPaaS developer tools, such as code workflows, and the interactive API console. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, members will be able to use Kaltura VPaaS components in the apps they’re developing. They won’t have to figure out how to handle tasks like video ingestion, transcoding, playback, or distribution because those challenges have already been solved, allowing students time to focus on their own creative visions.


This access to Kaltura’s VPaaS will provide a significant stepping stone that will help students bring their ideas to life. And because Kaltura’s products for education are implemented extensively by universities, K-12 schools, and EdTech companies, Pack users will be able to reach audiences that are primed to work with video via Kaltura.


Students using VPaaS through the GitHub Student Developer Pack will be well-prepared for post-graduation jobs with educational institutions and technology companies. After all, more than half of Pack members who have graduated out of the program are now employed in positions where they can influence their company’s decisions to adopt new tools.

link to Kaltura VPaas GitHub Student Developer Pack

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