Video Across the Campus

Are you making the most of your video technology?
Using video across campusCampuses have embraced video for teaching and learning. Whether as part of course packets, through lecture capture, in online courses, even as part of student assignments and faculty feedback, video is increasingly being used by educational institutions to help improve learning outcomes.
But many institutions are going beyond the classroom. Video technology can ripple through every department. Is your school taking full advantage of video’s potential across campus?

Using Video in Every Department on Campus

Let’s take a look at how organizations are using video across campus, outside of traditional classroom activities.


Today’s students are more video-savvy than ever; raised on a diet of YouTube and Snapchat, they expect to communicate, explore, and discover through video. Help your campus stand out with an authentic video experience. It’s not enough these days to have just a polished introduction video. Try to spice it up with curated user-generated content from both faculty and students, maybe even a video campus tour.


Whether participating in virtual college fairs or walking applicants through the admissions process with detailed how-to videos, video makes it possible for admissions staff to extend their reach and use their time more efficiently without sacrificing the personal touch.


You already have tons of video materials; the key is making them accessible while still managing rights appropriately. Try centralizing your digitized video archives for more comprehensive rights management, and to make it easier to find and use material. What about including archival material in alumni outreach, administration messaging, and more?

Student Life

Video helps engage not just your student population, but makes it simple for families, alumni, and the wider community to follow along and participate. Make live-streams and recordings of sports events, concerts, dance performances, debates, and guest lectures available to help build a sense of community that extends beyond the campus borders.

Alumni Relations

Keep school spirit alive. Make alumni outreach more personal and engaging with video communications. Help alumni network with each other, live-cast reunions events, and make a more compelling plea for alumni giving through broad and targeted video campaigns.


Learning isn’t just for students. Improve staff training across campus with video. Help the administration get messaging to the entire campus through webcasting.

Public Safety

Focus on the health and safety of your students and community while reducing overhead by managing your surveillance video through the same interface as the rest of your video content.

Getting the Details on Video Across Departments

Interested in more details on uses for video outside academia? Come take a tour. In “Welcome to the Videofied Campus: A tour for educational technologists and others on the cutting edge“, learn about these and other ways of using video to solve problems in every department.
It’s probably been a while since you took a campus tour. But video has changed both the way we learn and do business; it’s a whole new campus out there. Come take a fresh look at your own campus to see how changes in video technology can ripple through every department. It’s not hard to support best practices that will help your colleagues in every field—and make you the most popular person on campus.

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