Using Zoom with Kaltura

how to integrate zoom with Kaltura

Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing platforms on the market at the moment. They’re one of the easiest ways to do quick video chats, video conferences, and webinars. But what do you do after the video meeting is over? While Zoom saves the recording of your meeting, storage can add up fast and the giant list of recordings is hardly user-friendly. What you need is a way to store and manage your video conference recordings long term. Fortunately, with the launch of Zoom’s new marketplace, Kaltura was one of the first to release a new version of its integration with Zoom!

What Does the Kaltura-Zoom Integration Do?

Once the integration is installed, recordings from Zoom are automatically archived for each user under their My Media library. Now, it’s easy to manage and share recordings at scale! Searching for specific recordings also becomes a much simpler process. In addition, admins can define a category in the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) to be associated with all Zoom recordings.

What Happens After Recordings Are Imported?

Once the video and audio recordings have been imported to Kaltura, it becomes possible to use all of Kaltura’s advanced video tools on that media, making it far more valuable. Some of the benefits include:

  • Accessibility. Add captions and transcripts to your meeting and webinar recordings to make them more accessible to all audiences.
  • Localization. Translate meetings into dozens of languages to share with colleagues around the world.
  • Search. Once captioned, videos can be far more easily searched. Can’t remember the title of a meeting from six months ago, but you can remember some specific topics? Search for a key phrase to find the recording you’re looking for.
  • Security. Make it easy to share recordings with just the right people, using the permissions already created in your Active Directory to determine who can and can’t watch a video.
  • Branding. Publish your webinar recordings to your galleries or your website, using a branded player.
  • Hotspots and calls-to-action. Make webinar recordings interactive with customized hotspots and calls-to-action within the video itself.

And more!

Why Archive Zoom Recordings in Kaltura?

While Zoom’s archives are a convenient place to keep recordings immediately after a call, managing those recordings quickly becomes unwieldy. By taking advantage of Kaltura’s advanced video tools, sharing and reusing meeting recordings is far more convenient and powerful.

How Do I Integrate Zoom and Kaltura?

If you already have Zoom and Kaltura accounts, setting up this free integration between the accounts is easy! Have your administrator go to the Zoom Marketplace page and sign in to install. It’s just three short steps. A couple of clicks and you’re ready to go! (Please note that this integration is currently available to Kaltura SaaS customers only.)

But I Already Have a Zoom/Kaltura Integration.

Zoom is launching a new Apps marketplace, and we’re happy to be one of the first apps to take part in it. Customers that have the older integration are encouraged to move to this new and enhanced Kaltura-Zoom solution, to enjoy the new features as well as continued updates and support.

Ready to Integrate Zoom and Kaltura?

Great! Go to the Marketplace page to install and start enjoying well-organized call recordings!

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