Using Video to Stay Current on Medical Knowledge About Coronavirus

Mirit Kagarlitsky
Updated May 12 2020
Mirit Kagarlitsky
Updated May 12 2020

Being at the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, hospitals and medical personnel worldwide are facing tremendous challenges and substantial risks; working day and night, under extreme conditions to treat the growing numbers of infected patients and to ensure the continuity of health services for their communities.


While doing so, doctors, nurses and health experts around the globe are also faced with one more unprecedented challenge: rapidly and continuously learning about the still elusive disease and its accumulating trial treatment research, all while social distancing themselves from their colleagues and mentors and working in small shifts to minimize contagion risk.

How the Meir Medical Center Is Using Video During COVID-19

Israel’s health system is no exception. Leading this battle, are the nation’s hospitals and their heroic teams, among them Meir Medical Center with its dozens of medical personnel.


As part of the effort to connect their separated and overloaded teams, and to provide them with the critical on-going education and training around the disease and other affected health issues, Meir Medical Center’s management sought a quick and seamlessly integrated solution to hold live webinars, real-time team professional meetings, consultations and cross-hospital communications. They also needed a way to make this content available for viewing on demand, encouraging self-pace learning and making sure every team member can  access this crucial resource anytime and from anywhere, whether during their commute to work, shift breaks or even when back  at home.


Leveraging Kaltura for Healthcare

Leveraging Kaltura’s video solutions for healthcare, and under the leadership of Dr. Guy Topaz, Meir Medical Center was able to conduct virtual staff meetings, training sessions and online knowledge sharing forums. By using Kaltura Meetings, the medical team was able to stay informed in real-time on the latest research and development in the field, and also ask questions and brainstorm together.


The lectures and sessions, including talks with the Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Meir Medical Center, and with leading physicians on the front lines, were recorded and automatically ingested for continuous learning within the hospital’s secure and accessible video portal, powered by Kaltura MediaSpace.


Future plans include expanding the center’s use of the Kaltura Meetings product to support additional team collaboration and communication needs, activating virtual classrooms for real-time, on-the-go medical personnel learning and training, and enriching Meir Medical Center’s video portal with educational VOD content from national and international experts.


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How did Meir Medical Center build their video solution?

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