Using Video to Get Closer to Customers

using video for a culture of customer obsession

In a recent Forrester Research report, “Enterprise Video’s Future Aligns with Customer Obsession,” Forrester analysts tackle the issue of how to use video to support a customer-obsessed culture. They note that to do this right, a unified video strategy is necessary to personalize the video experience for both customers and employees. Using live and on-demand content can help employees engage more deeply with customers.
Some of the key points they raise include:

  1. Enterprise Video Gets You Closer To Your Customer
  2. Enterprise Video Deployments Continue To Grow
  3. Use Enterprise Video Platforms (EVPs) To Support A Customer-Obsessed Culture

They have a great point. Video is an amazing way to quickly build personal connections. That makes it easier to nurture relationships not only between customer and employee but between employees within the same company. So it’s no wonder that businesses are embracing video in ever-growing amounts. But managing a lot of video quickly becomes unwieldy; that’s why enterprise video platforms have become key to sustainable video growth.

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