Uniting Your Team with Webcasting

uniting your team with webcasting

Teamwork is more critical for a successful business than ever before.
At the same time, though, it’s harder than ever to get everyone in one place. Whether because of globalization, remote workers, or ever more complicated travel schedules, today’s teams may rarely all be together in one place. Getting everyone the detailed information they need can be a challenge. Doing it in a way that they feel personally engaged is even tougher. When an email just isn’t going to cut it, how do you keep the entire team up to date so they actually feel like a team?
Let’s take a look at just a few examples of how webcasting can solve some very different problems.

Executive Suite

AJ is the CEO of a major international company.He’s looking to rally the troops at this year’s town hall. He wants to be inspiring and engaging, and
really get his employees’ attention.
Webcasting helps AJ present to everyone at once, all around the world. AJ’s dynamic personality shines through. The company gets one unified message, bringing everyone together.


Jasmine is about to launch a new flagship product. She wants to introduce the entire company to this new product they’ll be selling and supporting.
In an all-company webcast, Jasmine is able to walk through not just a demo but the full go to market strategy, so everyone understands the exciting new initiative.


Alejandro is all fired up for next quarter; he wants a sales kickoff that will get his sales team just as excited.
He’ll never get everyone in one room; they’re all
on the road too much of the time. But a quarterly webcast is the perfect touchpoint to keep everyone functioning as a team.


Vinay manages a global marketing team across three continents. They’re looking at a major strategy shift, and he wants to brief everyone on
what their competitors are up to and how they’re planning to address this going forward.
A webcast is perfect for handling everyone’s concerns at once, and getting questions and feedback from the entire team.


Sonia is about to give a presentation to the investors. She knows she’ll be more credible if she’s not a disembodied voice on a conference line.
Sonia’s webcast makes a big impact, letting investors dive deep into her slides but also attach a human face to the company.


Maria needs to get the entire company trained on some delicate new procedures. She doesn’t want to rely on recordings; she wants the personal
touch and immediacy of a live trainer. But she can’t possibly afford to send one out to every one of the company’s many sites.
Video webcasting allows for the immediacy and ability to ask questions of a live event, but at multiple sites at once. Plus, the recording can be accessed later for review or for new trainees.

Bringing Everyone Together with Webcasting

Getting everyone in one place can be costly and time-consuming, even if you can get all the schedules to sync up. Video conferencing is great for small groups, but get out of hand fast. For bringing a large team together and getting them all moving in the same direction, webcasting offers an unbeatable combination of convenience and engagement. Webcasting makes a group of people feel like a team.

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