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Turning a Profit with Online Video Made Easy using PayPal HTML5 Digital Goods

Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery Sample AppSmall media publishers often face one problem: How do you monetize your online content without having to jump through hoops to make it a reality?
Selling media content online is tricky and there are many pitfalls. The customer must have confidence that they are not falling prey to fraud. If the checkout experience is too complicated customers may be discouraged from going through with the purchase. There are many different credit-cards and currencies and there are even more complexities as a result of setting up paywalls and dealing with billing management.
The purchase process should not disrupt the flow of your user interface. Instead, it should be integrated in a completely seamless experience.
Whether it be entire categories of content or just one video (or image, song, etc.) at a time, there should be a way for you to easily turn a profit without the headaches caused by setting up online payments.
PayPal: The easy way to collect payments for your content.
Introducing: Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery. The gallery allows publishers to display all the videos on their Kaltura account and, using the included administration tools, configure their content library with payment options allowing customers to purchase videos through a simple, seamless user interface.
Built using the PayPal Digital Goods express checkout HTML5 library, Kaltura’s PHP5 Client Library and Kaltura’s Player, the Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery allows publishers to quickly setup a gallery where videos can be sold individually and even through channel subscriptions (the customer can buy access to categories of videos). Your customers can buy access to the channel of their choice and immediately be able to watch any videos in that channel.
Management of your content pricing has now also became a breeze, leveraging the handy custom metadata profiles API. The Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery Administration Tool makes it easy to setup content pricing, currency and even category subscriptions from a simple user interface.
With Paypal, the customer does not have to leave your website to purchase your products. The PayPal checkout experience is extremely fast and can be completed in as little as 2 clicks. The entire process takes only a matter of seconds and your customer can return to watching your content in no time without ever leaving the video page. PayPal takes care of the complexity involved in making the actual sale, making sure that you make the most profit possible and letting you focus on producing content for your customers and creating awesome online video experiences!
Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery - Account Wizard
The gallery comes with an easy to use Account Setup Wizard which lets you set up your gallery in four easy steps. Instead of using the KMC to tediously apply the right access control settings and metadata to each video, the account wizard does it for you using an easy to use and simple interface. All you need to do is setup your account once and then add pricing information to any video or channel (category) you want to monetize. Once you finish using the account wizard, your gallery will be up and running for anyone to use.


PayPal’s original HTML5 library uses local storage to keep a record of all the videos or channels that the customer has purchased. Unfortunately, if the customer clears their browser data (including their HTML5 local storage) then any record of the purchase is erased. We have bypassed this verification system and instead used a new feature that was just released with the latest version of the Kaltura API, Falcon. Now with Falcon, you can set custom metadata for individual users. Although the KMC cannot currently manage user metadata, we were able to utilize this feature using the newest client library. When a customer makes a purchase, their user ID and purchases are stored in Kaltura so this precious information can never be lost.

Download and Install on Your Server:

The source code for the tool can be found at our Github page.
Feel free to fork it or suggest new features!

Liked This App? Help Make it Better!

This is yet another great Kaltura API based application, to demonstrate best practice of accomplishing different online video user experiences using Kaltura.
In this app, we also make use of PayPal’s HTML5 Digital Goods Library. While developing the Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery application, we came across the following issues, which we hope will be fixed shortly to allow for more exciting features such as time-expired purchases and automatic monthly subscriptions.

  1. Cancel a purchase and Time-Expired-Purchase.
  2. Enabling Subscriptions (e.g. monthly subscriptions to channel).

Found issues with the Gallery? Report it here.

Stay tuned for more API best-practices and apps.
To learn more now, check out the Kaltura API Documentation Set and subscribe to the Kaltura Newsletter.

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