Turn the World Cup Final on July 15th into Your Company’s Best Webcast Event Ever

Make your next webcast event the World Cup

On the morning of July 15th, 2018, millions of employees at offices throughout North America are likely to disappear from their desks. You’ll find them instead at a sports bar or at home, watching the World Cup Final, the world’s biggest sporting and video event.

Don’t try to fight it – embrace it!

Many companies are likely to screen this quadrennial event for employees at their office anyway. Why not create a fun company webcast during the pregame and half time, fostering a sense of community? Think about it: If you’re employees are spread out over the globe, there are few things that brings them all together in front of a screen at the same time whether at work or at home.

Here are tips on how to pull off the best World Cup Final company webcasting event:

• Use a polling tool in your pregame webcast to ask employees who’s their favorite to win and share results in the halftime.

• Try to feature employees who support the two finalists on the webcast itself. This is a fun form of expression, a way to make the workplace a little more familiar. Just hope finalists aren’t Brazil and Argentina because things can get pretty heated, pretty fast.

• Let’s face it, it can be a challenge to get employees to follow webcasts closely. This is one you they’ll watch, so use the occasion to make an announcement you want everybody to hear. Maybe reward an employee for their good work.

• Offering food during a webcast is always good. Maybe order foods representative of the finalist teams’ cuisine. Imagine pizza and weiners if the finalists are Italy and Germany, or fermented shark and lamb on rice in the rather unlikely scenario of an Icelandic-Saudi Arabian faceoff.

It’s easy to forget how much an effort like this would have cost, say, during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – if it were at all possible. With the webcasting tool most large companies today have, or should have, at their disposal, you can create a memorable experience at little cost.

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