Transforming Education with Video

University of the People uses video to democritize education

With the goal of providing education to all, University of the People is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university. With millions of people around the world unable to afford or attend universities, University of the People is working to make accessible, affordable education a basic human right.
They are building a full online university staffed entirely by volunteers. Initially, their courses were entirely text-based. But with Kaltura’s help, they have been able to expand into video. Video is not only more engaging, it can be more effective at helping students learn material than just reading.
“Kaltura is very proud to be able to put video technology in the hands of millions of students around the world and to bring more people into the type of educational experiences of the future,” says Kaltura CRO and co-founder Dr. Shay David.
See how video is helping to democratize education, worldwide.

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