Increase User Engagement Using In-Player Games

KDP plugins can be used to extend the abilities and features that our KDP (Kaltura Dynamic Player) offers. Some plugins give you the abilities to show commercials, some sharing the video or provide other functional needs like subtitles or watermark.
Some plugins are just for fun. Here we’ll suggest another use of a video player you might not consider: Making the player into a game.
Read this post from Atar Shadmi, a senior Flash & Flex developer at Kaltura where she’ll share how you can extend KDP to be more than just a boring video player.
This plugin is a game built on KDP, it enables you to stop the movie, play a quick game and return to the movie after you’ve relaxed.
In a similar way you could integrate games, surveys, and other “in-video-activities” to captivate the audience and keep them engaged, through a small embeded video player.
Click the star button to play a puzzle game:

[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”5454881″ entryid=”1_5ex2uuu8″ width=”400″ height=”330″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” align=”center” /]

Want to have this plugin on your player? Follow these short steps:

  1. Log in to your KMC account.
  2. Go in to the Studio tab.
  3. Select the player you wish to add this plugin to or create a new player.
  4. Go in to the Features tab.
  5. Uncover the “Additional parameters and plugins” in the accordion.
  6. Copy the code below and paste it to the text box where it says “Paste your plug-in line here:”.
  7. Click the “go” button.
  8. Save your player.
The code:
sqPluginBtn.plugin=true&sqPluginBtn.className=Button&sqPluginBtn.height=22&sqPluginBtn.icon='play_squares')&sqPluginBtn.position=after&sqPluginBtn.allowDisable=false&sqPluginBtn.relativeTo=volumeBar&sqPluginBtn.icon=generalIcon&sqPluginBtn.buttonType=iconButton&sqPluginBtn.styleName=controllerScreen&sqPluginBtn.tooltip=Play Squares!&sqPluginBtn.minWidth=23&sqPluginBtn.color1={playBtnControllerScreen.color1}&sqPluginBtn.color2={playBtnControllerScreen.color2}&sqPlugin.plugin=true&sqPlugin.position=before&sqPlugin.relativeTo=video&sqPlugin.path=
If you’d like to dive into the code, you can get it at GitHub:
Coming up next post: “The video wall!”.
Do you have a creative idea of how to extend the boring concept of video player? Tell us about your ideas below.

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