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The Video Wall

I’d like to share an awesome use case for User Generated Content (UGC) Video Application using the Kaltura platform. The credit for this post goes again to Atar Shadmi – senior Flash & Flex developer at Kaltura.
When Atar sent her New Year’s greeting card to her favorite Flash forum, she felt that a more interactive and engaged form of greeting is due, so she came up with this great idea of getting the forum users involved – the Video Wall!
The Video Wall is a set of 16 tiled players (KDP) which plays videos from a given playlist.

The Video Wall
The Video Wall

This Video Wall consist of 3 parts:

  1. The Video Wall Playlist, a Flash application that holds all the greeting videos, each video in its own player (KDP). The app gets all the entries from the playlist and than randomly picks a video for each KDP.
  2. A submition page so you can add your own videos. In the Video Wall Atar used the Kaltura Recorded App (KRecord). Alternatively it would be as easy to use the Kaltura Contribution Wizard and allow file uploads and importing from other websites.
  3. To be able to list all videos related to the Video Wall, all videos are automatically tagged ‘videowall’ when added as new entries.
  4. A rule based playlist – A runtime populated list of media entries where the list is created according to selected categories, tags and other metadata fields. To learn more, see the KalturaMediaEntryFilterForPlaylist object, this holds all the possible filter combinations you can use.

The Video Wall is a great way to share videos with people and engage audience to co-create a collaborative experience (in our case, a greeting card).
Can you come up with more great ideas and use cases – let us know in the comments!



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