The Social Enterprise

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Originally a term coined by CEO Mark Benioff, the “Social Enterprise” has become an increasingly hot topic these days. Jive, Yammer, and existing incumbents such as Microsoft and are delivering social enterprise applications to allow employees, vendors, and partners to work and communicate more efficiently across time zones, languages and geographies.

“Social Enterprises” themselves understand the value that collaborative applications and social tools bring: fast knowledge exchange through a many to many communication channel. Video and social go great together, as a social video enterprise leverages the rich characteristics that only the video medium offers.
At Kaltura, we have seen an increasing demand for the use of video as part of a social media strategy at organizations. This means adding video to all the communications channels and applications that organizations are in place.

Kaltura Research - Video & Media Use Cases Across Indurstries
Kaltura Research – Video & Media Use Cases Across Indurstries

The core requirements for any enterprise creating a social environment using video include: 1. Tools for individuals to create new video assets and share existing ones, 2. Social networking features such as commenting, rating and tagging and 3. Live streaming.
Organizations should also promote keywords and tags as well as SEO for allowing collaborators to discover video and also closely track viewing metrics to learn about how video is being consumed as part of its social video enterprise strategy.
However, the most challenging part of executing a social video strategy is making video sharing and consumption as easy as possible for end users. That’s where Kaltura comes in. By supplying both the end user capabilities for video creation, sharing, tagging, commenting plus rating, AND the back end platform for integrating video across all social enterprise applications, organizations can easily take advantage of the power and value that video brings.
We elaborate on this subject in one of our most recent webinars, and illustrate how it all works using a examples of different social collaboration applications:

Social Enterprise - Video Solutions In The Enterprise
Video Solutions In The Social Enterprise

The webinar also includes examples of how Coldwell Banker and Texas Instruments are leveraging video as part of their social enterprise strategies.
At Kaltura, we are committed to working with customers and partners to enable social video enterprises and are looking forward to hearing from you. We want to hear about additional ways in which video can be leveraged for making communications, knowledge exchange and collaboration faster and more efficient within enterprises of all sizes.
Watch the webinar: Video In The Social Enterprise.
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