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The Quest for the Best

Kaltura is constantly hiring new talent!
Kaltura PS Wants You
Today I’d like to tell you a little about the open position in our elite Professional Services developer team .
Meet Eitan Avgil, one of Kaltura’s leading Professional Services developers, we caught up with Eitan to hear firsthand what it’s like to work on the team:
What did you do at Kaltura before joining the Professional Services (PS) team?
E: I was a senior front-end core developer. I developed Kaltura’s Dynamic Player (KDP) versions 1-2.5, the Kaltura Application Studio, and many plugins and 3rd party integrations.

What do you like about your current role?
E: I like working on short-terms projects where I can see fast results from my work. I am a person that loves to see (immediately if possible 🙂 ) my work in action, so the PS team is a great place for me to develop custom features for customers, and see the results in production quickly.
My job is versatile and dynamic. Part of my work is with 3rd party companies, like Adobe, Google and some of our largest global customers, working on custom features that are not part of our core package. Sometimes my work becomes a core feature, and it is really nice to see it become something that all of our customers can enjoy.
I also like working with great people within Kaltura, including the projects team, the product team and of course, the core team.
My main challenge is to take a customer’s need, and provide the best solution to fit their requirements, and at the same time make sure that the solution is configurable and flexible, so the customer has the ability to tweak it and change it independently, if needed.
What does your work day look like?
E: Actually I work in week cycles rather than day cycles. I have a scheduled queue of tasks and delivery dates. I code, I write release notes, I support QA and project managers, and attend relevant meetings with customers and 3rd party partners.
What does it take to succeed?
E: Creativity, patience, team work, the desire to work with people. No doubt that the PS team is one of Kaltura’s more demanding jobs since we’re developing the specific requirements of our largest and most strategic customers – but that is exactly what makes it exciting, diverse and challenging.
If you’re up to the challenge, and seeking your next career move – send us your resume!
Shlomit Shapira, Recruiter – Kaltura Israel – [email protected]
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