The Power of Community Edition 4 Now

The “Dragonfly” edition of Kaltura Community Edition 4 (CE4) is hot off the presses and ready to install on your own Linux server. Most of the features of our Dragonfly SaaS release are now available for your deployment pleasure in one handy gzipped downloadable [click here to download it now].

Enhanced user roles and permissions, content distribution (syndication) with batch workflow, HTML5 mobile enhancements, and improved thumbnail management are included. CE4 also has one developer feature that you won’t find in our SaaS. The UIConf Management Tool, which is accessible via the Admin Console, makes it easy to manage and apply changes to Flash widgets and components.

Editing UIconfs with the UIConf Management Tool

Like Community Edition 3, CE4 is targeted at 32-bit and 64-bit Linux servers. So far, CE4 has only been tested on CentOS 5.6 (64-bit). Prerequisites and installation are also similar to CE3 [click here to browse the installation documentation].

For a complete list of limitations and issues with the CE4 release, please read the release notes. As always, you can discuss CE4 in our Community Edition Forum and file bug reports in our bug database.
We will release a VMware image of CE4 next week. Amazon EC2 images and other installation options will show up soon.

Let's Get Going